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July 4
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EDIT: I GOT IN ... WHADAFUQ... YASSSSSSSSSSS //CRAI :iconomg-blushplz:

Gaiz I can't stop. Not that i care, this group is too wonderful to not apply for :iconteyuplz:
Thank bejeebus the deadline was extended ;v;

The sooner I do this, the sooner I can get onto better things...”

"There's always enough time to do what you need to do."

Name: Akiyama Kaede | 秋山楓 (カエデ)

Nickname: Kae | “Aniki” (by her younger brothers) | “Kaa-chan” (mockingly by her younger sister)

Gender: Female

Weight: 61 kg / 136 lbs

Height: 170 cm / 5'7

Blood type: A

Birthday: 27/09

Age: 17

Grade: II

Club: Archery & Gardening

☆ Voice (2:06) | Soft & somewhat boyish... closest i can find rn //crai ☆

Personality: Stubborn | Playful | Responsible | Hardworking | Slow | Family Oriented | Blunt

Kaede is run by a strong sense of priority. Family obligations and school responsibilities come first; personal enjoyment last. She's a bit of a perfectionist in her own way, and wont give up on something until she's tried her absolute best... though that doesn't mean she does it well. Growing up the middle child has left her reserved in her feelings, and she's more likely to keep her deeper thoughts/worries to herself if she thinks it will impose on others. However, having younger siblings has given her a tendency to nag a lot, and she won't hesitate to point out anything she doesn't like... though she means well (she does it cuz she caaaares).

Because she's used to being busy taking care of her siblings all the time, Kaede hates having nothing to do. With her sister in middle school she has more free time to herself, so she joined the Archery & Gardening clubs to relax after school. Even though she's almost always busy, Kaede is a sociable person and makes time to hang out when she can, but also appreciates her alone time when life gets too hectic.

: Reading | Cooking | The outdoors | Animals | Rainy days | Solitude | Playing sports | Dramas & Josei manga | Shounen anime (from watching with her brothers) | Natto & Zenzai (old people fooood) | Sitting at the kotatsu 

× : Irresponsibility | Spontaneous decisions | Selfishness | Apples & Peaches | Coffee | Lectures | Relying on others | Missing shopping sales | Folding laundry


Kaede is the middle child (age-wise) of 6 children, born and raised in Koshu to a farmer and an art major. Growing up she gained an appreciation for farming and the outdoors from helping out on her grandparents' vineyard. Her mother and father met in college, and were married the same year. Her mother, a Tokyo woman born and raised, hated the countryside with a passion, but moved for her husband when they had their first child. Because of this, she felt like she missed out on a majority of her life.

When Kaede's father died, her mother was forced to get a job at a department store to support them. This left Kaede in charge of her younger sister and brothers in her stead. Doing this for 4 years made her feel more like a pseudo-mother to her siblings than a sister, but she kept her feelings to herself.

*Now that she and her siblings are older, her mother plans to move back to Tokyo and “pick up where she left off”. Knowing her mother is just being selfish, Kaede argues with her constantly over what to do. Her grandparents and older brother often try to help convince her mother that it would be better for everyone to stay where they are. Kaede is secretly afraid to leave Koshu, and worried that she wont be able to protect her siblings if they move to the city.

Family/ Wat Friends:

Akiyama Taisei & Honda Michiru (70 & 66) – Paternal grandparents. Own a vineyard outside of town where Kaede helps out during breaks from school. Kaede is the favorite of their grandchildren, and they want her to work with them at the vineyard after she graduates.

Akiyama Kosuke (deceased) – Father. A quiet, hardworking man much like his father. His family and the vineyard were his life, and he spent the most time with the three eldest siblings. Died of heart failure 4 years ago. Kaede was most like her father in personality, and was hit the hardest by his death.

Akiyama Manami (45) – Mother. A very day-dreamy and distracted woman. Realizes she's not the most responsible woman, and slightly resents Kaede for being more of a mother than her.

Akiyama Kosei & Reika (27 & 25) – Older brother & Sister. Kosei works as a salaryman in Tokyo, and Reika lives in Hokkaido as a teacher. Despite the age gap, both get along very well with their siblings, and are generally very supportive of any decision Kaede makes.

Akiyama Sae (14) – Younger sister. Extremely smart but spoiled. Because of her high grades their mother lets her get away with murder. She and Kaede are constantly fighting.

Akiyama Haruto & Sota (7) – Younger twin brothers. Extremely hyperactive and destructive, Haruto is fueled by the need to get into trouble. Sota is the more sensible of the two, and is usually the one to get them out of trouble. Kaede is always dealing with their mess, but gets along with them very well and makes as much time for them as she can.

Additional Info:

. Hates her “old lady” name

. Prefers to write her name in katakana because she thinks it looks cooler

. Has never traveled outside Koshu

. Being in the sun too long gives her freckles

. She's only gone to karaoke once, but she's been told she has a nice voice

. Wants to purikura with someone one day

. She's an extreme cheapo

. Falls asleep in class a lot (especially math) and gets borderline grades

. Doesn't care much about her appearance

. Because she's tall (for a girl) and has a boyish voice, her brothers thought she was a boy when they were younger. So they call her "Aniki" (they heard it in a yakuza movie). 

. Likes the winter uniform because it makes her feel like a delinquent :iconrazycryplz:

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